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The Conquest (La conquéte) starring Denis Podalydes - trailer review

The Conquest (La conquéte) Directed by: Xavier Durringer Starring: Denis Podalydes, Florence Pernel, Bernard Le Coq Rating: Unrated Release Date: November 4, 2011 (limited)


Thoughts by TSR: Not your typical political film. This cinematic take on the rise of Nicolas Sarkozy seems more satiric and tongue in cheek than other recent American and British political films, like W. or The Deal. He's a controversial figure in international politics (as any G8 world leader is) and still in office so it seems odd to come at it from that angle. Also, the film seems to focus on the relationship Sarkozy and then wife Cécilia as much as his election campaign. You gotta love the French. Despite or because of the unusual take, I'm interested in this film. I have to wonder what Sarkozy thinks as well.

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