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'Take Me Home Tonight Trailer' starring Topher Grace and Anna Farris - trailer review

Take Me Home Tonight Directed by:  Michael Dowse Starring: Topher Grace, Anna Farris, Dan Fogler Rating: R Release Date: March 4, 2011


MY THOUGHTS: Full disclosure, I picked this trailer to review because of the title.  I love "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money and Ronnie Specter.  But I'm a little worried about the movie, the actors are a little old to be playing post-collegiate confusion aren't they? Still, I like Grace, Farris and Fogler (who was good in Balls of Fury and Fanboys) and would probably go see this movie on the hope that they'll just be their funny selves.  But doesn't that other girl in the trailer look a lot like Kristen Stewart with blonde hair?  Grace looks pretty hot in his '80s suit and shades.  That boy needs to be suited up more often.  So pluses: cast, soundtrack, looks like it could be reasonably funny.  Minuses: I've seen way too many one-amazing-day/night movies though the subgenre has created some winners (Ferris Bueller, Dazed and Confused).  I really want to like it more than I feel the trailer warrants. I'll probably go see it unless it gets terrible reviews.

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