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'Mars Needs Moms' starring Seth Green and Joan Cusack - trailer review

Mars Needs Moms Directed by: Simon Wells Starring: Seth Green, Joan Cusack, Dan Fogler Rating: Not Rated Release Date: March 11, 2011


MY THOUGHTS: Another film with dead-eyed characters from the company that brought you The Polar Express and Disney's A Christmas Carol.  They don't look as horrifying but they're still pretty creepy.  A boy's mother is abducted and taken to Mars and he goes to save her?  Find her?  It's unclear.  I really like Green, he voices the boy and sounds like a kid though he's definitely not one anymore.  But the plot seems reminiscent of the Teri Garr/Jon Lovitz classic Mom and Dad Save the World. The jokes seem pretty clunky too.  Why go through the labor and expense of putting together a computer animated film if you're not going to make a good script?  The aliens looked kind of cool though, they reminded me a little of 9, which was underrated.

I'm sure they're going for the kiddie crowd, I imagine this will be screening before Tangled this weekend, but I hope this isn't the best trailer they could come up with.  With all the animated movies that have been coming out lately, it's sad that only one, maybe two a year are really good.  And you know that one of those will be from Pixar.

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