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'Apocalypse, CA' starring Nick Mathis - trailer review

Apocalypse, CA Directed by: Chad Peter Starring: Nick Mathis, Erin Bodine, Anne McDaniels Rating: NR Release Date: TBD


It's the end of the world and I feel fine. Actually, watching this trailer, I don't exactly feel fine but damn I'm curious. Director Chad Peter isn't working with a huge budget but he's able to hide it very well in this "world is ending" movie. Something he can't hide, a giant woman. Nor should he. Perfectly teased, I have no idea if this more than 50-foot woman is fantasy, delusion, or an allegory about environmental destruction.

It's actually a little shocking that a film dealing with the boredom of impending annihilation doesn't already exist. That seems to be the hook before the action comes. Mathis slides into the role of the every man we can identify with while trying to understand this world. Normally small films scare the hell out of me. There's just not much of a success rate with them actually ending up being "good" movies. Apocalypse, CA has me convinced otherwise.


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