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'All Good Things' starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst - trailer review

All Good things Directed by: Andrew Jarecki Starring: Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst, Frank Langella Rating: R Release Date: December 3, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: It almost seems unfair to judge a mystery movie. Either they have it or they don't. Still, it seems like a cheap trick that they throw in "Based on a True Story" or "Based on true Events" which, in Hollywood speak, usually means something along the lines of "Somebody got murdered sometime and somewhere." Nevertheless, the liberal use of that term "true events" isn't in question here. All Good Things looks like it has something to offer. I can't imagine that the story itself is too original for anyone who's ever watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries but I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that I'd put up with a so-so story with this cast. Ryan Gosling has proven himself capable in just about all the roles that I've seen him in and Frank Langella has always been a powerful actor, in my mind. The only questionable casting for me is Kirsten Dunst, but she could surprise me. After all, what it really boils down to is would I see this movie? The answer for me would be a yes. It looks like it's got enough there, both visually and story wise, to keep me entertained for its running time, even if I fear it may fall apart in the third act. After all, all good things come to an end eventually, right?

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