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'Hereafter' starring Matt Damon - trailer review

Hereafter Directed by: Clint Eastwood Starring: Matt Damon, Cecile De France, Frankie McLaren Rating: PG-13 Release Date: October 22, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: I know it's sacrilege within the film community to say that you don't like Clint Eastwood movies, but, well, there you have it. Not the ones he directs at least. They always seem over-inflated Oscar bait, which never really appeals to me. Don't get me wrong, people have tried to make plenty of cases for him as a director and they're entitled to their own opinions, but nothing ever seems to change. That being said, Hereafter looks like it has potential. Sure, there's the whole thriller thing, which is already a nice departure from your average glacially-paced Eastwood movie. At first it was a little weird to see a tidal wave Deep Impact or 2012 style in an Eastwood movie, but once I got over the initial shock, I was pleased with what the trailer had to offer. Matt Damon's a great actor who's shown his ability to work with Eastwood, so I'm eager to see the two team up again, even if the trailer seems to be a glorified self-pitying monument of epic proportions. Although there's a hint of story in there, there isn't a whole lot going on and I'm hoping there's a little more to it than the "one person's gift is another person's curse" thing they've got going on in the trailer. It won't be till later this month that I'll be able to find out but I'll give it a shot.

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