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'Tangled' starring Mandy Moore - trailer review

Tangled Directed by: Nathan Greno Starring: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy Rating: NR Release Date: November 24, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: In the days leading up to the highly anticipated Toy Story 3, it's easy to lose sight of other animated flicks. Still, Disney did the right thing to release a trailer of it's Rapunzel movie. Despite going through numerous title changes and cast changes, the movie's finally got a release date and I couldn't be more excited. On one hand, it's always nice for Disney to showcase their beautiful animation and Tangled is no exception. Still, it's good to also see some semblance of a story. While there's no definitive plot given in the trailer itself, it introduces some fun characters that I for one would like to see more of, pretty much ensuring that I'll go see this one. Then again, the animation isn't the only thing it's got going for it. It's got a great cast of voice talent that will definitely help to sell the movie. That's one of the things I actually found surprising about this trailer is the lack of emphasis on its stars. It could be that it's a kid's movie and they may not be that well-acquainted with the whole notion of Hollywood, but it's hard to believe it'd take anything away from it by including the names of some of their more popular stars. This coupled with the whole "oh hey, look, I'm besties with an iguana" followed by "no way, I talk to my horse sometimes" gives me a moment's pause, but only a moment's. Otherwise, my hopes are as high as Rapunzel's tower and I don't think I'll be disappointed.

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