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'Nowhere Boy' starring Aaron Johnson - trailer review

Nowhere Boy Directed by: Sam Taylor Wood Starring: Aaron Johnson, Anne-Marie Duff, Kristin Scott Thomas Rating: R Release Date: October 8, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: I’m going to start this off with a little bit of sacrilege. While I understand their influence and their importance in music and pop culture history, I’m a bit sick of The Beatles. I understand how the story is worth telling, but how many times must it be told? While this movie looks at the adolescence of John Lennon more than anything else, it looks like your typical paint by the numbers musical biopic. Throw in a little angst and you’ve got yourself a deal. Still, I shouldn’t dismiss it before I get a chance to see it. I think it’ll be interesting to see the kid from Kick-Ass in something else, so that’s something it’s got going for it. Also, Kristin Scott Thomas always turns in a beautiful performance so this could very well be one to watch. The problem is that there’s nothing too memorable about the trailer aside from those two performances. It’s not that I don’t want to see it, but let’s be realistic; we all know what kind of this movie will end up being. Not too great, but not too shabby, it’ll show up in one of those “Movies You’ll Love” from Netflix after it comes out on DVD and that’s how I’ll happen upon it again. Until then, I’m sure I can wait.

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