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Tron: Legacy - Trailer

Joy. Here's the thing, I avoid previews. In my line of work, when I will be seeing a movie no matter what, what goal or purpose is served by me seeing some of the best parts of the film without seeing the movie in its entirety? I hope you've come to the same conclusion and answered "none, Jeff, there is no purpose served." But now I have to admit, I just watched most of Tron: Legacy. I say that I watched most, because as soon as I found myself getting excited about the upcoming film, I started to hop forward in the trailer. I still want my jaw to drop when watching on the big screen. Not my MacBook.

Jeff Bridges is back and one of the best stars of the 80s, Bruce Boxleitner is back as well. So good, so excited.

I was born in 1976, and since I didn't own and obsess over a Commodore 64, I didn't fully understand the first Tron, I just knew it was addictive. In my limited exposure, the sequel/reboot/continuation looks to follow suit well.

Green Latern: First Flight - 2-Disc Digitial Copy Special Edition - DVD

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 with Johnny Depp to start shooting in Spring 2010, first of another trilogy?