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Dead Snow - Trailer

Nazi. Zombies. If this idea has always only felt like a dream (or a good time on Call of Duty), fear not. Your special day of the undead is coming.  Confused? You're going to have to just watch this trailer first. But achtung, y'all - this one's mildly gory.

First off, you may be asking, "Who is this Harald Zwart presenter guy? Is he like the Lloyd Kaufman of Norway?" Technically, no. But he has Agent Cody Banks and Pink Panther 2 on his directorial resume, so I suppose that answer is up for interpretation.

Now since that's been answered, we can start scratching our heads at everything else raised by the Dead Snow trailer. For example, this movie has a great premise, but it still needs to follow through with with its gimmick (something that people thought Snakes On A Plane didn't do very well. I disagree). We need gore, surprises, ridiculousness, and most importantly, lots and lots of undead Nazis.

If anything, we need moments in the actual film to be as brilliant as they appear in the trailer. Even just a handful of instances similar to the trailer's usage of Beethoven's Ninth should be enough to solidify Dead Snow into cult-film history.

I am also glad that certain moments of this trailer borrow certain tones of Shaun of the Dead - especially with the close ups when all of the mountain whippersnappers grab their "weapons" - chain saw, scythe, etc. It's hard to imagine Simon Pegg and Nick Frost not buying a ticket for this one.

Apparently, this film is going to be released stateside June 12th, more than likely with a limited release. For those in Chicago, I know that Dead Snow will at least be playing July 17-23rd at our beloved Music Box Theatre.

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