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SXSW film review


Director: Spencer Susser Writers: Spencer Susser & David Michôd Loud music. Pornography. Burning shit down – just a few of Hesher’s favorite things. And it’s just this kind of anarchy that’s needed to shake the burdens of sorrow from a boy and his father. Cast: Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, Devin Brochu, Piper Laurie

WHO'S IT FOR? You'll got to be able to appreciate the off-beat. This movie is angry and with it's subject matter, it has the right to be. For how crazy it is, it also feels real, like this stuff could happen. Likely Gordon-Levitt, even when he's not being cute is also necessary.


Dealing with loss is difficult. Dealing with loss with Hesher (Gordon-Levitt) around is difficult, insane, cathartic and maybe just the jolt this family needs. Paul (Wilson) and T.J. (Brochu) are a father and son who are dealing with the loss of their wife/mother. Wilson's character turns to pills. T.J. turns to angry outbursts. Hesher barges into their lives, almost like the crack pipe version of Mrs. Doubtfire. Levitt commands your attention every time he stomps around on the screen. He almost, almost manages to steal the spotlight from the film's true lead, Brochu. He's a very impressive kid actor.

Portman is also there in a role that almost pays homage to the Beautiful Girls character with the roles reversed.

Hesher is not for everyone. But for those who feel grief needs to be shocked out of the system should definitely check it out.


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