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Attack the Block

SXSW film review

Attack the Block

Director: Joe Cornish A funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of alien monsters. It turns a tower block into a sci-fi playground. It’s inner city versus outer space. (World Premiere)

WHO'S IT FOR? Did you like The Goonies but constantly think you wish the gangs were tougher and instead of bank robbers, there would be aliens? Well, now you have your dream flick, set in London.


Authentic street toughs from London try to own their block even though they seem to be in middle school. One big mistake is that they never give you a reason to root, except that Attack the Block is kind of cool. Now, I'm not saying you have to make the gang nice. That would be ridiculous. I needed a moment early when Moses (John Boyega) showed a glimmer of being a hero. Perhaps he could be supporting an ailing grandma at home, or even better he could have protected one of his mates. But that's not why he kills a beast.

Nick Frost lends himself as a very relaxed drug dealer, otherwise it's all new faces. The monsters are very cool, going the pitch black route, along with some fluorescent teeth. The movie runs its course. Moments range from "Don't go in there" to "Be careful" to "Now what?"

If there is a social commentary or point beyond entertainment, I missed it. Cheering Moses doesn't mean I am supposed to respect him, does it? I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride if that's all right.


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