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Survival of the Dead

Quickcard Review Survival of the Dead

Directed by: George Romero Cast: Alan Van Sprang, Kenneth Walsh, Kathleen Munroe, Devon Bostick, Richard Fitzpatrick Running Time: 1 hr 30 mins Rating: R Release Date: May 28, 2010

PLOT: A small batch of marines are caught between the undead and a lasting blood feud that divides two families. If the two clans can make peace, there may be hope for survival.

WHO'S IT FOR?: However mirrored they may be by other productions, Romero is still making zombie movies in a league of his own. Especially since it is not one of his stronger films of this type, Survival of the Dead is more for fans who have appreciation for his work, and more importantly, patience.


Humanity is challenged by the undead again in another movie from George Romero that ends in “... of The Dead.” This time, the obstacle that challenges man’s survival is the blood feuds that whole groups of people cannot put behind them, even when mortality is at stake. Incorporating religious elements into a slow moving story, Survival of the Dead is an ineffective addition to the genre Romero essentially built himself, save for the fact that the movie’s conclusion opens the door for a new method of which the zombies can feast. While the message comes off a bit soggy, not to mention stagnant with the lead protagonists played by two curmudgeons, the thrills are mediocre here. At times Survival of the Dead indulges in classic zombie humor, with either a gross-out dispatch or something of the like, but it rarely redeems entire segments that feel all but fresh.

A step back from the involving Diary of the Dead, this is a movie that slugdes along and leaves us in a state of boredom. There are a couple of ideas that might give reason for another “Of The Dead,” but that’s not enough. Even when Romero uses his unique tactic of aiming for the head, his latest creation is very much undead.


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