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Management Directed by: Stephen Belber Cast: Steve Zahn, Jennifer Aniston, Margo Martindale, Fred Ward, Woody Harrelson Running Time: 1 hr 35 mins. Rating: R Release Date: May 15, 2009

Plot: A traveling art saleswoman (Aniston) stays at the Kingman motel. And while it's not luxury, it does offer a motel manager (Zahn) who falls for her and won't leave her alone, even when she travels back home.

Who’s It For? Do you like offbeat? Do you like near-stalkers? Well, we've got a movie for you. Zahn has the bigger performance, and this isn't a typical Aniston role.

Expectations: Off-beat romantic comedy with Zahn and Aniston (in a different kind of role), wow, in theory this sounds great. In theory.


Actors: Steve Zahn as Mike: He's all over the place and never as funny as you're hoping. We know Mike has a good, simple hear because of his relationship with his mom. But he's also clearly missing a beat. There is such a fine line between stalk and courtship, and he normally falls on the stalking side. But he also does yoga, so ... Score: 5

Jennifer Aniston as Sue: I kept waiting for the reason why Aniston wouldn't just call the cops. Seriously, the cops would be a bit much, but the normal reaction would be to desperately want to keep your distance from Mike. Even if you think he means well. Aniston needed to have more baggage. Tons more. Score: 6

Margo Martindale as Trish: The love between Mike, and his mom Trish is very sweet to watch. I'll leave it at that. Score: 7

Fred Ward as Jerry: Ward fits as a perfect side-character dad, just like J.K. Simmons. A nice humorous touch is thrown in at the end when we get to see Jerry in full 1960s style basketball gear. Score: 7

Woody Harrelson as Jango: They just couldn't make him cooky? Did he have to turn out to be a bit of an arse? That's just so predictable. Sue doesn't have to choose between a punk who turns into a yogurt mogul and Mike, the movie makes the decision obvious. Score: 4

Talking: Again, it's what is not said that is more frustrating. And Zahn doesn't get in as many zingers as I was hoping for. It's cringeworthy when Mike presents Sue with a bottle of wine in the beginning, but the script just doesn't evolve from there. Score: 3

Sights: You know those posters where Zahn is grabbing Aniston's butt? Well, that's the big scene in the movie. Yes, Aniston has a nice arse even when covered up with pants. There isn't the necessary fun to go along with this supposed flirtatious moment. Score: 4

Sounds: Mike belting out "Feel Like Makin' Love" is a strength of the film, even though it doesn't mean Sue should chase after him. Score: 4


Belber's film has first director written all over it. It's not a fun, crazy adventure of two opposites finding love. And the movie actually jumps the shark when Mike skydives into Sue's swimming pool. The film hasn't set up the necessary boundaries to make us believe this guy, this guy who potentially has some social or mental issues, could possibly land in the correct spot. While I am a fan of Zahn's and I'm constantly curious about what kind of performance Aniston can provide, I found myself tuning in and out of Management ... even with the nice ending.

Final Score: 5/10

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