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Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body Directed by: Karyn Kusama Cast: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, Adam Brody Running Time: 1 hr 32 mins Rating: R Release Date: September 18, 2009

Plot: Written by Diablo Cody (Juno), this is the story of a cheerleader (Fox) getting demonically possessed (is there any other kind) and wreaking havoc on the boys at her school as her best friend, Needy, (Seyfried) is stuck watching.

Who’s It For? Horror fans who expect teenage dialogue to actually sound like it's coming from teenagers ... plus along with angst, you have to think everything isn't that big of a deal.

Expectations: I don't have a crush on Fox if that's what you're wondering. Cody was the biggest reason I was looking forward to this film.


Actors: Megan Fox as Jennifer: Can tease be a career choice? If so, Fox is making a good run at it. And for the record, I say yes, tease is one of the oldest professions. The mid-riff, the cheerleading outfit, swimming naked (but not showing us any nudity), and kissing girls. Well done. As for the acting, Fox is coming along. The problem is, the character takes forever to develop. So for the longest time we're supposed to just be happy with Jennifer being a tease. I need more than eye candy. If you don't, you'll be very happy. Score: 5

Amanda Seyfried as Needy: Needy and Jennifer are best friends ... because. On paper a cheerleader doesn't hang with the bookish Needy. But they were friends as kids and Needy does some big-time growing up. Score: 7

Johnny Simmons as Chip: Chip is the cheese to Needy's macaroni. Simmons is great at ordinary. Even though the sex scene between Chip and Needy is intercut with one of Jennifer's attacks, you find yourself desperate to get back to the excitement of Chip and get rid of Jennifer chewing the fat. Score: 7

Adam Brody as Nikolai: Small role ... very funny. He looks like Brandon Flowers, and acts exactly like a wannabe rocker should. Score: 7

Talking: It's been Diablowed. Or should we coin Codized? No, sticking with Diablowed. Freektarded, salty, even biff (Best Friends Forever) makes a comeback in this script most obviously written by Diablo Cody. I'm still in the camp that thinks her writing for high school flicks makes much more sense then all the ordinary out there, but I will be curious if anyone has decided she's already jumped the shark. After all, people ended up complaining about Juno eventually. Score: 7

Sights: I didn't need to see Jennifer get the big fangs and the stretched out face. The film works better when you would see her shadow tearing apart the flesh of a teenage boy. Something else I didn't need to see ... Needy's prom dress ... wow, that's a tough fashion statement. Though it visually works great when she's running after Jennifer, the dress seems like something Needy would know not to wear. Score: 5

Sounds: The soundtrack stays pretty hard except for the made up band Low Shoulder with "Through the Trees." And they go to the "Trees" a lot. But much better than that ... Florence And The Machine hit with "Kiss With A Fist." Downloading that song now. Plus, Theodore Shapiro nails the score with "Running After Chip." If I ever need mood music for facing a demon, Shapiro is near the top of my list. Score: 7


Best Scene: Jennifer and Needy kiss, but I'm going elsewhere.

Ending: Stay comfortable, because the credits keep the movie going. It seems odd to have done this instead of giving these extra killings the extra time they deserved during the movie instead of waiting until it ends.

Questions: Did Needy actually show up to school the day after she was in the fire and Jennifer shows up to her house all bloody and vomits black? Can't you take a day off? And also ... is Needy doing OK now? Or is she walking around with a lot of anger? And something beyond that, was J.K. Simmons funny because he had a fake hand and some scars on his neck? I vote no. Wasted role.

Rewatchability: It's odd. I simply kept thinking how rewatchable this movie is. Plus, it grows on you at the end.


Were you wondering what it would be like if Juno never got pregnant and the movie just focused on two awkward high school kids falling in love ... but then you combine that with a demon friend who eats people? Well, don't worry, Jennifer's Body is here. Karyn Kusama (Girlfight) is a lady's lady (if man's man can be a phrase, so can that) who creates strong women on the screen. This film is more about Cody and Fox though. There are some missteps along the way, like starting the film at the psych ward, never getting police to care and plus we get a friendship revelation at the end from Needy about Jennifer that really should have been the hook of the film (all about how you actually treat a friend). With all that being said, it's really easy to sit through and it taps into the same fun of Drag Me to Hell.

Final Score: 6/10

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