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Miss March - Unrated Version - DVD

missmarchDVD Review Miss March - Unrated Version

Directed by: Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore Cast: Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore, Craig Robinson, Raquel Alessi Running Time: 1 hr 30 mins Rating: R

Plot: A young man (Cregger) wakes up from a four year coma only to learn the girlfriend (Alessi) he once pledged his virginity to now poses for Playboy magazine. Along with his perverted friend, (Moore), he travels across the country to the Playboy mansion in hopes of winning her back.

Who's It For? Fans of Cregger and Moore's sketch-comedy group "Whitest Kids U Know" need to be careful. If they don't set their expectations slightly above "National Lampoon's Straight to DVD College Movie," they risk disappointment.


These two "Whitest Kids" may share brain waves with 13 year olds, but at least they bring some of their seasoned originality from sketch comedy to a blueprint originally worked up by three writers at Fox who probably had their sights on only Blockbuster shelves. With murderous firefighters, a ridiculous rapper named Horsed*ck dot mpeg, a girlfriend with epilepsy and even a five minute scene with Hugh Hefner, Miss March is a dude's romp that distances itself from the typical college movie by about the distance of a spread out centerfold. This proudly raunchy flick comedically peaks in its set-up (where some evidence of creativity appears), before descending into typical bathroom humor and babe worship. Miss March averages about one frat laugh per scene, which for those just trying to get some may be enough.

Score: 4/10


Viral Videos - Fake audition takes featuring the other members of the "Whitest Kids" group that we probably don't "Know." Back in the Spring, I believe these were struggling to not "die" when they were posted on funnyordie.com in promotion for Miss March.

Down & Dirty w/Horsed*ck.mpeg - Brief "Behind the Music"-like look at Craig Robinson's absurd pop rap parody. A brief appearance by Cregger's character is made in this barely amusing extra.

The other extras:

Unrated & Theatrical Version

Extras Score: 1/10


The special features of Miss March are lacking and laughless, with its "unrated" naughty side differing from the theatrical version by about ten seconds. Even if this is a minor comedy, some introspective onto how these two handled their first feature film would have been very welcome. As a whole package, this Miss March is certainly not one to own, but maybe glimpsing at your (in this case, unfortunate) friend's copy would suffice.

Final Score: 2/10

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