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Box Office Review: 'Harry Potter' breaks records, casts a spell on viewers

Box office estimates for the weekend of July 15 - 17 Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week # … [The Scorecard Review final score]

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - $168,550,000 I 4,375 I $168,550,000 I 1 ... [TSR 9/10] 2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - $21,250,000 I 3,917 I $302,800,000 I 3 ... [TSR 5/10] 3. Horrible Bosses - $17,630,000 I 3,134 I $60,002,000 I 2 ... [TSR 7/10] 4. Zookeeper - $12,300,000 I 3,482 I $42,352,000 I 2 ... [TSR 3/10] 5. Cars 2 - $8,344,000 I 3,249 I $165,326,000 I 4 ... [TSR 5/10] Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

This weekend saw the final chapter of Harry Potter, but it was an all around weekend of goodbyes as we said goodbye to The Dark Knight's record of biggest opening weekend to make room for Harry and his Hogwarts cohorts. The 8th film in the wildly successful franchise earned a cool $168.5 million in its opening weekend and is poised to shatter all sorts of records if it keeps up like this.

Keeping the whole franchise thing alive, Transformers: Dark of the Moon made an appearances in the top five this weekend taking second place.

Crude comedy Horrible Bosses slipped only slightly, following in the suit of Dark of the Moon and landing in third place.

But perhaps most importantly, America proved its only got so much room in its hearts as the family-friendly The Zookeeper fell to fourth place in its second weekend.

Continuing the trend of fallen family-friendly fare,rounds out our top five last, bringing in the last of the heat that its got left.

Calhoun Kersten vs. Aaron Ruffcorn

Each weekend Kersten and Ruffcorn go head to head in the Box Office Challenge, trying to pick the correct Number One film in America and how much money it will make.

This weekend ... Kersten Wins!

Season record: 7-6

Thoughts by TSR: Harry Potter wasn't the only one breakin' records this weekend as Kersten pulls into the lead!

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