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Box Office Review: 'Green Lantern' takes top spot, 'Super 8' second

Box office estimates for the weekend of June 17-19 Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week # … [The Scorecard Review final score]

1. Green Lantern - $53,174,303 I 3,816 I $53,174,303 I 1 ...[TSR 7/10] 2. Super 8 - $21,472,020 I 3,408 I $73,002,809 I 2 ...[TSR 9/10] 3. Mr. Popper's Penguins - $18,445,355 I 3,339 I $18,445,355 I 1...[TSR 2/10] 4. X-Men: First Class - $11,933,524 I 3,375 I $120,358,086 I 3 ...[TSR 7/10] 5. The Hangover Part II - $10,071,339 I 3,460 I $233,110,617 I 4 ...[TSR 4/10] Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

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This weekend turned out to be a rough weekend for the box office, with Green lantern pulling in first with less than super-powered results. Still, it was a lot better than the other entries in this weekend's top five.

Abrams and Spielberg held on strong with Super 8. Although it was a definite decline, it earned enough to keep a spot at number two, boxing out this weekend's other newcomer.

To say that Mr. Popper's Penguins faced a chilly reception at the movies in its opening weekend is the understatement of the century. I guess people aren't as enamored with CGI animals as studio execs thought. Somebody should warn Kevin James...

Fellow superhero flick, X-Men: First Class fell into fourth in its third weekend, but it faced some tough competition this weekend, so it's decline is to be expected.

Rounding out the top five, The Hangover Part II pulled in just enough to secure it a spot in this weekend's top five. Give it some time, just like the guys in the movie, I'm sure by this time next week, The Hangover Part II will be forgotten by TSR's top five at the box office.

Calhoun Kersten vs. Aaron Ruffcorn

Each weekend Kersten and Ruffcorn go head to head in the Box Office Challenge, trying to pick the correct Number One film in America and how much money it will make.

This weekend ... Kersten Wins!

Season record: 5-4

Thoughts by TSR: O ye of little faith... Kersten's trust in CGI and Reynolds' abs proved well founded as he pulls ahead this weekend in the Box Office Review.

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