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Box Office Preview - July 9 - 'Despicable Me' and 'Predators' attack 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

Hitting the screens this week… Despicable Me Allen's TSR - 4/10

Predators complete Predators coverage

The Girl Who Played With Fire (limited) Bayer's TSR - 7/10

La Mission (limited) Kersten's TSR - 5/10

[Rec] 2 (limited) Kersten's TSR - 5/10

South of the Border (limited) Allen's TSR - 5/10

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This weekend may not mean much to most folks, but fans of the Predator franchise might just be delighted about the highly-anticipated sequel/reboot (I was never completely sure on which it was). If that’s too scary for you and the little ones, there’s always Steve Carell’s family-friendly animated flick, Despicable Me. For fans in the Chicago area looking for their horror fix in the form of something with fewer dreads, check out [Rec] 2 or if on the lookout for a break from the comedy/horror route, check out the emotional drama La Mission.

But enough about what’s just coming out, this week’s about what’s here to stay. I’m guessing that Despicable Me will do quite well for itself in its opening weekend. Grabbing some of the 3D theaters away from Toy Story 3 might be the competitive edge that outs this flick on top.

Like it or not, Twilight fans are as undying as their star-crossed lovers. Even if the new movie didn’t beat out Eclipse’s record, it’s still got plenty to be proud of in its impressive opening weekend. Hopefully fans of the franchise will at least be able to carry it to number two this weekend.

Unfortunately, I let Predators fall on my list. Sure, there are die-hard fans out there that will probably see it several times, but that may not be enough. The fanbase is limited and if they try any new stuff, they risk alienating older fans while trying to bring in new ones. It’s a risky move, and one that may or may not pay off.

Toy Story 3 will probably suffer again this weekend. Not that I want it to, but that’s kind of the way things work. As much as the movie talks about how we forget our toys, it should understand that eventually most people are going to forget about movies about forgotten toys. Doesn’t mean we don’t tear up still.

Finally, The Last Airbender will most likely suffer the most. Terrible fan reviews and a quick, albeit unnecessary, conversion to 3D made this movie a mess. I doubt too many folks are sticking around for this one.

Each week we’ll take a look at the box office and see if we can’t nail the Top 5 films (in correct order).

It’s harder than you think. If you don’t believe, let’s see what your answers are.

My prediction for the weekend of June 18– June 20 …

1. Despicable Me

2. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

3. Predators

4. Toy Story 3

5. The Last Airbender

So what are your Top 5 at the box office this weekend?

Flicks on 6 - 'Despicable Me,' 'Girl Who Played With Fire,' and 'Predators'