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Box Office Review - June 20 - 'Toy Story 3' and nothing else

Box Office Review – June 18 – 20 Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week #

1. Toy Story 3 - $109,000,000 I 4,028 I $109,000,000 I 1 complete Toy Story coverage

2. The Karate Kid - $29,000,000 I 3,663 I $106,254,000 I 2 complete Karate Kid coverage

3. The A-Team - $13,775,000 I 3,544I $49,797,000 I 2 Bayer's TSR - 4/10

4. Get Him to the Greek - $6,117,000 I 2,592 I $47,857,000 I 3 Allen's TSR 5/10

5. Shrek Forever After - $5,520,000 I 3,207 I $222,977,000 I 5 complete Shrek coverage

Well, it seems I was pretty off base this week. After all, Jonah Hex is no where to be seen. I mean, sure Toy Story 3 is rolling in it, but it didn’t take much skill to call that one. Not only is it being hailed as the hit of the summer season with an impressive opening weekend, but here at The Scorecard Review, it’s also Bayer’s first 10 of the year.

The Karate Kid trailed far behind our number one movie this weekend, but still managed to bring the heat at number two. It looks like the reboot has enough staying power that we’ll probably be seeing more of it for a while.

Our second reboot, The A-Team hasn’t really blown anybody out of the waters with its performance or its material. Evidently a tank with a parachute and a shirtless Bradley Cooper just don’t sell like they should.

Get Him to the Greek held its own this weekend. Sure, it’s a modest income, but it’s still on our top five, in the same spot as it was last weekend.

The real beating of the weekend was Shrek Forever After which fell hard this past weekend. It seems there’s only room for one in the hearts of children and Toy Story 3 was declared the decisive victor.

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