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Box Office Review - Jan. 31 - James Cameron's 'Avatar' beats 'Edge of Darkness'

Box Office Estimates for the Weekend of January 29-31: 1. "Avatar" ($30 million) Bayer’s TSR – 7/10 Complete “Avatar” Coverage

2. "Edge of Darkness" ($17.1 million) Allen's TSR - 5/10

3. "When in Rome" ($12.1 million) McLaughlin's TSR - 5/10

4. "Tooth Fairy" ($10 million) Bayer’s TSR – 4/10

5. "The Book of Eli" ($8.8 million) Bayer’s TSR – 6/10

Source: Box Office Mojo

Yeah. We get it. King of the World. James Cameron's Avatar is closing in on James Cameron's Titanic. Making another $30 million this weekend ranks as the highest-grossing seventh weekend ever. Yes, you guessed it, the film it passed was Titanic with $25.9 million. Analysts are saying Avatar should pass Titanic and its $600.8 million by Wednesday to make it the highest-grossing movie of all time. Keep in mind, it's not even close to the attendance record. Ticket prices, especially 3D ticket prices are more expensive.

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