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5th Annual TSR Movie Awards - 2006

The results are in, and “The Departed” is clearly the fan favorite for all the people that voted in the 5th Annual TSR Movie Awards. As always, we don’t just get winners with the awards, we get to see the losers as well. Yes, “Eragon,” and “The Da Vinci Code,” I’m talking to you.

The magic number this year is five votes. This means a movie needed at least five votes to be considered for eligibility.

Popular doesn’t mean better. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” received the most overall votes, but it didn’t win a thing. In fact, the highest mark it received was a 7.16 for Jack Sparrow.

But then again, better sometimes isn’t good enough. The perfect example is Peter O’Toole. Out of all the people who voted, only two saw “Venus.” So even though O’Toole scored a 9.00, two votes isn’t enough to get considered, so O’Toole is out and Leonardo DiCaprio from “The Departed” with an 8.90 is the “Best Actor.” And unfortunately, the same happened to Jaquar Paw from “Apocalypto.” He received a 9.25 but only had four votes, which eliminates him and gives Bond, Blond Bond the victory with an 8.78.

Others losing out because of vote total were “Painted Veil” and “Heart of the Game.” In fact, “Heart of the Game “ received one vote, a nine, from me. Needless to say, I recommend it.

Another magic number was 0.03. That was the closest margin of victory, and it happened twice. Once when “The Departed” took out “The Last King of Scotland” for “Best Screenplay – Adapted” and another when “Letters From Iwo Jima” beat “”The Pursuit of Happyness” for “Saddest.” Perhaps people thought “Saddest” meant having to read a movie for over two hours.

Here is a rundown on which movies won the most categories…

“The Departed”: 4 “Notes of a Scandal”: 2 “Little Miss Sunshine”: 2 “Casino Royale”: 2

The Hall of Fame typically takes two winners each year for each category. But if there is a tie then there can be more, which is why both Kate Winslet (eight votes) and Judi Dench (eight votes) sneak into the Hall of Fame along with Audrey Hepburn (33 votes) in the most dominating performance of the year. Bill Murray and Paul Newman join for the men and “Star Wars” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” finally get in for the films.

Thanks again to everyone who voted. And congratulations to those who won the dinner and movie certificates. Thanks for playing. See you next year.

Editor's note ... the database was wiped for the 5th Annual TSR Movie Awards - 2006. Gone forever. The weekly newspaper and web site that I wrote this for is gone, and so are the complete results.

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