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TSRn: New iPhone Game! IMDb Trivia

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News: The website IMDb.com launches a new game called IMDb Trivia.

Source: IMDb.com

Thoughts by TSR: Qrank and MovieCat have some new competition for my attention. IMDb.com has gotten into the App game with IMDb Trivia. Time will tell if the additional games for 99 cents are necessary, but right now the App is free. The fact that you can share you scores on Facebook.com. That should keep movie trivia fans coming back for more. Here is a list of additional information about the App from IMDb.com.


Hundreds of fun and challenging questions about movies, TV and celebrities covering decades of entertainment Questions from several genres including Hollywood Hits, Family Movies, TV Favorites, and Blockbuster Films Five levels of increasing difficulty and many different ways to win Start and stop anytime Catch a Star: Tap five correct answers before your time runs out Movie Order: Arrange movies in order of release Quotables: Match the quote to a movie, TV show, character or celebrity Celebrity Photo Match: Match each of five celebrities with their movie, TV show, or character Movie Poster Match: Match each of five posters with a movie or a TV show Mystery celebrity: Guess the celebrity in a blurred photo

Extend your Game:

Take your game to the next level by earning points and unlocking new categories of trivia questions in different genres. Purchase new trivia packs with a variety of themes right from the game.

Become the ultimate entertainment trivia master:

Every question in the game comes with a fun fact about the featured title or celebrity. Find out more about your favorite movies, TV shows and celebrities by clicking links directly to IMDb.

Compete and share:

Compete with friends and other players through leaderboards in Apple Game Center. Share your scores with friends through Facebook.

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