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TSRn: Gillian Anderson hopes for 3rd 'X-Files' Film

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News: While doing press for her new film, Johnny English Reborn, Gillian Anderson mentioned her hopes for a third X-Files film. She is also interested in doing a spoof of the franchise that made her famous.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/gillian-anderson-ready-a-third-231536

Thoughts by TSR: Despite being a fan of genre entertainment I never got into “The X-Files” TV series. I would watch an episode here or there, but never on a regular basis. The first feature film came out in 1998. It has been ages since I watched The X-Files, but I remember liking it well enough. I never got around to seeing 2008’s The X-Files: I Want to Believe, but I didn’t hear many good things. I can’t imagine there are many people clamoring for another investigation with Mulder and Scully, but there is at least one person close to the series who is hopeful.

Actress Gillian Anderson has made it clear she is interested in returning to the iconic character of Agent Scully. While talking to an Australian morning show during press for Johnny English Reborn she said, “I hope it will happen, there’s talk of it.” That’s all well and good, and I’m sure there has been talk. Still, one principal cast member wanting a third installment of a series isn’t always enough to make it happen. Dan Ackroyd has proved that time and time again with Ghostbusters 3.

Anderson has hopes for the franchise beyond a third feature. She said, “I’ve always wanted to do a spoof of ‘The X-Files’ as a film.” Personally I’m a bit tired of spoofs – I blame Friedberg and Seltzer – but it could be fun if David Duchovny and Anderson were actually doing the spoofing.

None of this gets me all that excited, but if a third film does happen I might give it a look. That has more to do with the genre than the “X-Files” brand, but I want to believe they can come up with a good story that will interest fans and non-fans alike.

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