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TSRn: Ben Affleck casts Ben Affleck in 'Argo'

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News: Director Ben Affleck has finally found his lead for his Iran hostage-rescue thriller based on true events, Argo. Affleck cast Ben Affleck.

Source: Variety

Thoughts by TSR: We trust Affleck again, right? You didn't roll your eyes when you saw that Affleck does Affleck, did you? I know I didn't. The man nailed Gone Baby Gone for his first time in the director's chair. That starred an Affleck of a different variety (his brother Casey). Next up was The Town. Affleck proved he can control himself in a lead role while controlling the rest of the film. A certain amount of ego has to exist for a director to make himself the lead. We've seen Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson nail the combo, and so far Affleck seems to have the right mix.

Variety reports Alan Arkin is also attached to star, and John Goodman is in talks. Argo takes place in 1979, and is about the true story of a covert mission in which the CIA sent a team to Iran disguised as a movie crew to help rescue six American hostages.

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