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Selena Gomez in Orland Park for 'Monte Carlo' and 'When the Sun Goes Down'

Promoting her upcoming album "When the Sun Goes Down" and her new film Monte Carlo, pop princess Selena Gomez made an in-person appearance at the Orland Square Mall in Orland Park, Illinois yesterday. The mall stop was just one of many in her in-person tour that has taken her throughout the country, and sometimes with the special guest appearance of Justin Bieber. Fans waiting for Gomez's appearance were invited to take part in Monte Carlo-inspired activities, which included mini-makeovers and a Monte Carlo photo experience. Before Gomez's anticipated 3:00 arrival time, fans were treated to a large screen viewing of the film's trailer, along with periodic singalongs to Gomez's popular tunes like "Who Says."

As Gomez's appearance drew closer, select fans participated in an iPod karaoke contest, in which contestants were given white ear-buds to guide them in a one-person singalong, while everyone else in the mall could only hear the singer's voice.

At 3:00 PM, Gomez appeared from the a side entrance of the mall to the ear-piercing cacophony of an enormous and ecstatic flock of fans, many of them waving Monte Carlo posters in the air. Soon after walking on stage, Gomez commenced her Q+A with disc jockey Jordan from Chicago's WKSC-FM.

Talking about her new film Monte Carlo, Gomez discussed what her favorite parts were about making the movie, saying that it was exciting to "see new places" and "have new experiences." Gomez described Monte Carlo as a "date movie," and that it's "different." When asked about what she hoped audiences would enjoy about the film, concerning the scenery, the acting, the music etc., the young actress told her fans that she hopes they "enjoy everything. I worked hard on it."

As all of her singalong friends are aware of, Gomez also has a popular career as a singer. When asked about which she prefers more, Gomez said "I love both," adding that she "would love to do more films."

Next week, Gomez will be releasing her third album with her performing group Selena Gomez & The Scene, titled "When the Sun Goes Down." Discussing the album, she said that she was able to co-write some of her songs than before, including "Bang Bang Bang," which is "a diss song." Briefly talking about the music on "When The Sun Goes Down" the singer hinted that "the music is almost better than the lyrics, but the lyrics are great." The album's first single, "Who Says," is her "favorite song to sing," from the album, and it is also "the most meaningful song I've recorded." After this mall tour she will soon begin a summer music tour, which will be different for her because she's "never had to do costumes changes [live] before."

Talking to the excitement of her cheering fans, Gomez also shared tidbits of what it was like to be a pop star. "I'm just a girl who gets to do what she loves," she said, before praising her wide fan base by indicating she "wouldn't do it without you guys." When asked about what advice she has for those who can have bouts of stage fright, the musical performer and actor told her fans that, "For me, I mess up a lot. If you an be okay with messing up, people will laugh with you."

Gomez confided in her fans that "it's hard to trust people" in her position, and that making friends with her amount of fame can be difficult. "I don't have many friends, but that's OK," she said.

Before walking off stage at the end of her on-stage interview with disc jockey Jordan, Gomez added that she "never expects" such a large turnout. Looking to her fans, she said "I love you guys so much, and I hope you enjoy Monte Carlo."

Selena Gomez will make her last stop on this mall tour on June 27, at Laurel Park Place Mall in Livonia, Michigan. Monte Carlo opens in theaters July 1.

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