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TSRn: Jason Keller to write 'The Passage' for Matt Reeves

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News: Screenwriter Jason Keller is set to write the adaptation of The Passage for director Matt Reeves.

Source: Heat Vision

Thoughts by TSR: After Cloverfield and Let Me In I’m interested in anything Matt Reeves is set to direct. One of the films he has in the works is an adaptation of the novel The Passage by Justin Cronin. The story is set in a world where the government’s experiments on terminally ill patients goes bad, turning people into vampires. That description doesn't necessarily sound like anything we haven’t seen before, but with Reeves attached I can’t help but be intrigued.

Now, up-and-coming screenwriter Jason Keller (whose upcoming projects include Machine Gun Preacher, Snow White and the Huntsman, Go Like Hell) is being brought on to do a rewrite of John Logan’s original script. While I’m not familiar with Jason Keller’s writing (yet), this is definitely a film I am excited to see more of once it gets a cast and begins shooting. My biggest hope is that it manages to avoid being overly familiar. If Reeves, Keller and the rest of the creative team can give us a fresh take on this type of story (and not something along the lines of simply a 28 Days Later/I Am Legend hybrid), The Passage has a chance to be great.

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