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Bradley Cooper rejoining 'A-Team' director Joe Carnahan for 'The Grey'?

It looks like Bradley Cooper and The A-Team director, Joe Carnahan are eager to team up together again. Cooper is in talks of joining the cast of Carnahan’s next directorial project entitled The Grey. It sounds like a standard survival drama about a group whose plane crashes in the wilderness and follows their struggle to make it back to civilization. What makes this movie so different? Well, Bradley Cooper for starters, but to thicken the plot, the group is further threatened by a pack of wolves. The film is based off a short story by Ian Jeffers, who will be joining Carnahan in penning the script. The film is already attracting some big names, among them the Scott brothers who have already been attached to produce the film. Are you excited to see Bradley Cooper and Joe Carnahan work together again? Could this be Bradley Cooper’s Into the Wild? We already know he can grow the facial hair for a disheveled plane crash survivor, but do you think Cooper has the chops? Sound off below.

Source: Variety

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