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New The Twilight Saga: New Moon Robert Pattinson posters and news

Somehow there isn't a day that goes by where something new happens in The Twilight Saga world. Kind of amazing when you think about it. Now, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are making news in part due to some new posters.

Here's the scoop on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse from our friends at Portland Books Examiner, including Kristen Stewart in a wig.

Here's what needs to happen in the next film ... some meaningless side character needs to keep saying to Edward Cullen, "Um, are you sure you're not feeling sick? You look really pale. Pale enough to be a vampire." And then say a different variation of that thought about 30 times. Is there any doubt this guy is a blood-sucker based on these images? The answer is no.

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