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Saw VII and a sequel to The Strangers are in the works

Oh, you are mighty tricky, Jigsaw. And Strangers? Just get out. A seventh Saw movie has just been greenlit by super hit-makers Lionsgate, according to Variety. While the sixth installment of the torture for redemption franchise is due in theaters October 23rd, the next sequel is aiming to start shooting next January.

David Hackl, who was production designer for Saw II, Saw III, and Saw IV, and also directed the oh-so wonderful Saw V, will helm Saw VII. Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, who wrote Saw IV, Saw V and now Saw VI will sit down at their gold-plated typewriter for Saw VII. (Golly, would it kill this franchise to consider at least using a subtitle?)

Oren Koules and Mark Burg, producers of the six movies of the franchise, will continue to do so.

As if that news didn't whet your thirst for blood, fans of last year's The Strangers are going to be getting a revisit from their favorite cheap mask-wearing house breakers.

French direct Laurent Briet will direct, working off a script written by the writer/director of the first film, Bryan Bertino. Briet's credits include commercials, music videos, and even visual effects for The Ring.

Strangers 2 will be produced by Ryan Kavanaugh, Doug Davison and Roy Lee from Vertigo, and Nathan Kahane from Mandate. Relativity's Tucker Tooley will executive produce along with Joe Drake from Mandate, Mark Evans and Trevor Macy from Intrepid, and Sonny Mahli from Vertigo.

The Strangers was shot on a budget of $9 million, but made a worldwide gross of $80 million. Apparently, not as many people in the world had seen Funny Games, for if they had seen Michael Haneke's film, they would have recognized Bertino's stupid "jump-scare" loaded trash flick for being the cheap rip-off that it so literally is.

Indeed, the torture continues.

Source: Variety, Variety

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