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Ryan Reynolds is the new Green Lantern

It has been confirmed by Variety that The Proposal actor Ryan Reynolds is set to play DC Comics hero The Green Lantern in the new live-action film from Warner Brothers. Casino Royale director Martin Campbell is set to direct the picture which will begin production in January. Green Lantern will be working with a script by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Michael Green. Producers will be Berlanti and Donald DeLine.

Reynolds was not a shoo-in for the role, as he had competition from a few other top actors for the part. A few days ago, The Hangover star Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto were taking screen tests for the role.

This marks another comic-book character role for Reynolds, as earlier this season he got his coveted role in a X-Men Origins: Wolverine spinoff, Deadpool. Not for nothing, he also helped make The Proposal a box-office success.

A Green Lantern film is long overdue, and Campbell and Reynolds sound like good men for the job. Campbell proved he's got the reboot power with the 2006 Bond film, which gave the famous character a darker and more raw edge. Perhaps he can do the same with the Green Lantern with Reynolds donning the famous mask.

Source: Variety

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