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New script may save Baywatch movie

Paramount Pictures has given new life to the Baywatch movie and announced that screenwriter Jeremy Garelick will rewrite and direct the film, reports Variety. The 90s TV show about a group of California lifeguards, starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, gained a following all over the world so it's no surprise a feature film would eventually follow. Original plans to bring "Baywatch" to the big screen were made in 2004 but they never materialized.

The first crack at a script by Jay Sckerick and David Ronn was action-heavy. Garelick, who recently worked on an uncredited rewrite of The Hangover, added some comedy to the Baywatch story. The new script focuses on two unlikely lifeguard candidates as they try to keep up with the buff veteran guards. Don't worry there should still be plenty of eye candy, just as there was in the TV series.

Garelick will also make his feature film directorial debut on the film assuming the project can keep its head above water this time around. Some words of advice for Garelick ... find some way to work in running on the beach, it's a fan favorite.

Source: Variety

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