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Inglorious Basterds opens at Cannes Film Festival to poor reviews

Looks like Quinten Taratino’s latest effort isn’t his return-to-form masterpiece after all. According to the Hollywood reporter, this highly anticipated film from the Pulp Fiction director had its Cannes debut and, “merely continues the string of disappointments in this year’s competition.”

Though the film has gotten its share of praise, The Guardian insists the “cheerfully inventive” charms of Kill Bill are sorely missed.

Perhaps someone should remind these “experts” a film about the relentless pursuit of ending Hitler’s reign lacks the merriment an Uma Thurman-led blood bath slung at audiences five years ago.

The priorities of the journalists in question are about as egocentric as the man they're admonishing himself.

Inglorious bastards, indeed.

Sources: The Guardian & Hollywood Reporter

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