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Johnny Ferraro to Bring "American Gladiators" to Big Screen

"American Gladiators" creator Johnny Ferraro is working on a live-action adaptation of the long-lived TV show for theaters, reports Variety. According to Ferraro, the show was originally conceived as a film but it "took a detour and became a TV phenomenon." After first airing in 1988, "American Gladiators" has been on the air every year except one in the pas 20 years and has aired in more than 90 countries.

Scott Mednick, who will produce the film said, "I look forward to creating a compelling story that launches a whole new set of characters."

I could understand a documentary about "American Gladiators" but I'm not entirely sure what type of story they will add to make this into a real film. I guess they are just giving the people what they want. If you remember at the end of Tommy Boy Helen the waitress says, "Do you guys want to watch this or 'American Gladiators'?" The restaurant regulars reply, "Gladiators."

Source: Variety

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