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Oliver Stone set to make Wall Street 2

Here's a sequel idea that does actually make a bit of sense. According to Entertainment Weekly and Variety, a heavily rumored sequel to Oliver Stone's Wall Street is now in the works. The director of the 1987 film, Oliver Stone, is going to helm the project, which will also star Michael Douglas once again portraying the role of Gordon Gekko. Douglas earned an Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of the manipulative economic monolith.

Shia LeBouf is also in talks to play a role similar to that of Charlie Sheen's in the original.

The plot for "Wall Street 2" is set to take place nearly two decades after Gekko is released from jail. The screenplay, written by 21 scribe Allan Loeb, will be certain to reflect on current economic foul play and materialistic greed.

Speaking to Douglas at the premiere of his newest film, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, the actor said, "I think it's time to take another hard look at trading and the economy and what went wrong in the past few years. Everybody's talking about the economy and people are scrutinizing it. Whenever I mention "Wall Street 2," everybody goes, 'Yeah. Interesting. I'd see that."

Considering the comparisons that can be made even with the 1987 film, a second Wall Street film could be another insightful look into the current business world. It will also be interesting to compare the two Wall Street films, not necessarily by talent, (here's hoping for another success from Stone), but by their indication of how far economic politics and morals have really changed (or not) in the past two years. If anything, I hope the new film doesn't stick with the title "Wall Street 2." It's kind of cheap.

Source: EW.com & Variety

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