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James Franco to get some "Highness" with McBride and Green

This project is about a different type of "highness." James Franco has signed on to act alongside Foot Fist Way's Danny McBride in "Your Highness," a medieval-fantasy comedy to be directed by David Gordon Green (all three of them worked on Pineapple Express.)

The script was written by McBride and frequent collaborator Ben Best. According to Variety, it's a comedy about two princes from medieval times. When an evil wizard puts a spell on their father and kidnaps the older prince's fiancee, they must go on a journey to save their family and their kingdom.

Scott Stuber is going to be the producer of the film from Universal Studios, which is set to start shooting on July 20 in Belfast. Jon Mone, Mark Huffam, and Danny McBride are going to executive produce.

Thinking back quickly on comedies with relative medieval settings, I struggle to find a title that was really impressive. Martin Lawrence's First Knight was okay, and Just Visiting was just stupid. Could the last great moment of medieval comedy have come from those brief, yet totally excellent scenes from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? Either way, here's hoping that "Your Highness" can bring back this particular period's level of comedy to top level.

Source: Variety

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