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Martin Scorsese's Latest - Silence - with Day-Lewis and Del Toro

As long as you have three names ... Scorsese will consider you for his latest. Now with Shutter Island behind him (due this October), director Martin Scorsese is now focusing on his next project - Silence.

The film would be about two Jesuit priests who face persecution in the 17th century when they travel to Japan to find their mentor and spread Christianity. Based on a novel from Shusaku Endo, the script is adapted by Gangs of New York co-writer Jay Cocks.

The all-powerful Daniel Day-Lewis and Benicio Del Toro are in negotiations to star in the film. Y Tu Mama Tambien's Gael Garcia Bernal is also a possibility for the project.

Should this film happen, it would be the third time that Day-Lewis and Scorsese have worked together. It would also be a personal achievement for the director, who is said to have had this project in mind for at least ten years.

Graham King, Gianni Nunnari and Barbara DeFina would produce, along with King's production company GK Films.

Source: Variety

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