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Rami wants Dunst for Spider-Man 4, already has Maguire

After Batman and Iron Man dominated our super hero senses ... do we still care about Spider-Man 4? Well, director Sam Rami and star Toby Maguire hope we do by May 6, 2011. The release date has been set, but they still aren't talking villains. Rami is tight lipped on who Spider-Man will be fighting, but the director says he wants Kirsten Dunst back in the Mary Jane Watson role.

He told MTV news ...

“I can’t imagine making a ‘Spider-Man’ movie without Kirsten,” he said, seemingly contemplating the idea in his head with a long pause. “Of course it can be done because Spider Man has existed without the character of Mary-Jane but she’s one of my favorite parts and it would be a shame not to have her in the picture. I’m hoping she’ll be in it and I’m planning on having a story with her in it.”

Rami also shot down rumors that Spider-Man 4 would be connected to Spider-Man 5.

Source: MTV News

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