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Veronica Mars Movie to a Theater Near You?

If you are a big "Veronica Mars" fan (like I am) cross your fingers that the new Veronica Mars movie will get the green light when Rob Thomas makes his pitch in the next few weeks. Writer/Producer Rob Thomas told Entertainment Weekly, "I'm preparing the pitch now -- literally now," in a Monday morning interview. "I hope to go in and talk to [executive producer] Joel Silver and [Warner Bros.] in the next week or two to see in they're interested."

Thomas was quick to point out that a successful pitch doesn't mean the movie will get made. "They will want to consider [the pitch], look at some numbers -- whatever it is people on the business side do -- and then they'll give me some sort of response. Then, if they want to move forward, there's the deal-making that'll need to go on."

While we the fans should cross our fingers, we shouldn't hold our breath just yet. We wish Rob Thomas all the best in his meeting but it sounds like we'll have to wait a little longer to see if Veronica Mars makes it to the big screen.

Source: EW.com

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