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First-Look Production Still: Edward Norton's 'Leaves of Grass'

Is there any actor better than Ed Norton right now?.. OK, the answer is probably yes. But please remember this is the man from Fight Club, American History X and The Painted Veil (which more people should have seen)... Well, maybe "Leaves of Grass" will bring him back. I mean, there's two of him. What could go wrong? HollywoodChicago.com -- TSR's news partner -- just published a first-look production still for the comedic thriller "Leaves of Grass" in which Edward Norton stars as twin brothers. The film, which recently wrapped production in Shreveport, La., is due out in 2010. It also stars Richard Dreyfuss, Keri Russell and Susan Sarandon.

See the first-look "Leaves of Grass" production still at The Scorecard Review partner HollywoodChicago.com.

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