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TSR Buzz: The Best of April Fool's Day, including Charlize Theron's Sex Tape

With TSR Buzz, you’ll find links to articles, videos and other random things that will help you waste your time just a little bit more.

  • Sunday was April Fool's Day and the internet lit up with clearly false news stories and parody websites. Most of the jokes were kind of lame (Etsy buys Portland) or a recycled version of an old joke (Hulu's in the year 1996 page, which like Brigadoon, exists for one day and then vanishes for a year). But Funny or Die managed to do something special, all the video on the main page purportedly comes from Charlize Theron's hacked phone. She may be the coolest chick in Hollywood right now. She's definitely the creepiest.

  • Improv Everywhere creates another clever video with their Quadruplets piece. Go to improveverywhere.com to see how they managed to pull it off, for realsies.


  • I don't know whose April Fool's Joke this is, but I just love that it has a pug in glasses. Also, it's true, dogs will totally eat your glasses. It happened to me.


  • This weekend I went to see my favorite local band, Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives. They're hard to describe, though they may be the best live band in town. This video comes closest to giving an idea of how they are live.


  • The other local band I love is Weinland. They have a new album that should be out... sometime. But until then, watch this video, taken from their New Year's Eve show at the Doug Fir. The singer is John Brophy, who does the awesome Baby Ketten Karaoke.


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