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TSR Buzz: Maya does Oprah, Middle-aged Men Know Lady Parts, & The Shins Return

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  • This weekend, Lindsay Lohan returns to host SNL. In the promos, her face looks weirdly plastic. But I'm still picking at the episode from a couple weeks ago. Here's Maya Rudolph's Oprah sketch that didn't make it to the final show. It had me at Furby.


  • "God wouldn't have given ladies tummy buckets if he didn't want babies swimming around in them." That comes from Laura Palmer's dad/Satan (depending on if  you know him from Twin Peaks or Reaper). So true.

  • Converse created a supergroup with The Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. I don't know if they're selling sneakers or becoming a record label, but I like the results.


  • After five years, The Shins have a new album coming out. Their first single, "Simple Song" bodes well for what's to come.


  • This song was written at the request of one of the Boing Boing contributors. It's going to be my go to song any time I need a pick me up from now on.


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