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TSR Buzz: SNL returns with unaired 'Top Gun' DVD Extras, Stephen Fry talks about prison, and Cats who are ballers

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  • The best part of last weekend's SNL premiere (besides giving me more content for my TSR Buzzes) were the "Top Gun DVD extras." This segment didn't air, but has some great moments. Her Cyndi Lauper impression is the best thing that Abby Elliott has done.

  • I started watching this clip of Stephen Fry on a British show and felt annoyed at the panelists for making jokes about something so appalling. I ended it just feeling ashamed of our country. I had no idea that so many things were being made by prisoners.


  • Wye Oak have been a pleasant discovery this summer. This video for "Holy Holy" may not be the most unique ever, but the song makes it worth it.


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