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TSR Buzz: Jack Black as the Green Lantern, 'Super 8' creature, Weird Al's 'Perform this Way'

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  • While I'm sure this has been done before and will be repeated long after this video's surge in popularity, it is nevertheless a great concept. Walking around the city, it seems that everyone is tuned into their own private jams. Are these people listening to popular songs, obscure songs, moody songs? It's a simple question with fascinating answers - "What are you listening to?" (And if you care to indulge, tell us in the comments! I am listening to "The Crystal Lake" by Grandaddy.)


  • Christy Lemire of the Associated Press and a co-host of "Ebert Presents At the Movies" attempts to solve the evil mystery as to why people talk during movies, and equally obnoxiously, use cell phones. The best part of this article can be found on page two, in which she discusses how international movie theaters attempt to silence a-holes who talk during movies. That's right - if you talk during a movie, that's a true cinematic sin right there.

"Silence Less Golden In Movies With Talking" by Christy Lemire

  • The New York Magazine's arts and entertainment section "Vulture" discusses the similarities between the creatures of Cloverfield and Super 8. I hope that even saying "creature" about either of those films isn't a spoiler for anyone. If it is a spoiler, don't read this article, and see those two movies as soon as possible. They're bound to be ruined for you by general film chit-chat eventually.

Movie Aliens Need A Makeover

  • The internet is a strange, mysterious place. This week's example of its strange impact on the world comes from the reactions to Ebert's tweet about Jackass star Ryan Dunn's car accident. (In which he tweeted, "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive.") I am not posting this link to stir up more debate, but to simply celebrate Buzzfeed's bravery in traversing the dark musty caves of Twitter to discover these hopeless and illiterate retorts from the true twits of the universe.

Top 20 Roger Ebert Death Threats (NSFW)

  • To lighten the mood, here's Weird Al's new music video, for this Lady Gaga parody "Perform This Way." While I have not picked up his new album today, ("Alpocalypse"), I can say that this video alone puts the "Weird" back in the parody genius' title. This is less like the "White and Nerdy" video, and more like some disturbing artwork by Aphex Twin. Yeesh.


  • Before Ryan Reynolds and Martin Campbell did ... something with the Green Lantern, Robert Smigel and Jack Black were working on their own comedic take of the DC Comics hero. How does Smigel's version sound to you?

Robert Smigel Talks About His Lost Green Lantern Script, Starring Jack Black

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