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TSR Buzz: SNL does 'Back to the Future,' Jason Segel's Muppets, Jon Hamm's What?

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  • Years ago, "Saturday Night Live" did fake screen tests for Star Wars. Now they're back with Back to the Future. The best is . Bill Hader as Al Pacino as Doc Brown is great, but the best is Jay Pharoah as Eddie Murphy. Guest host Jon Hamm even joins in on the fun impersonating Robin Williams.

  • You remember Lite Brite, right? Thankfully, so did the David Crowder Band.


  • OK, let's get back to Jon Hamm. Here's the power of "What?" from Don Draper on "Mad Men." Insanely addictive.


  • I am not a Star Wars geek ... well, not officially. But if I end up figuring out how to actually order these posters, I think my "unofficial" status would end.

  • It's time to get things started ... You've heard about Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) bringing back The Muppets, right? Well, they released this pic. Hope that's enough to satisfy for now.

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