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TSR Buzz - 'The Prom Date,' with Jason Bateman, Dr. Strange and 'Footloose'

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  • Jason Bateman and Will Arnett can't be seen together in Arrested Development the movie quite yet. So we'll have to settle for this short entitled The Prom Date.

  • First it was Zac Efron, then it was Chace Crawford. Now it's this guy. Paramount better hope people really was to cut Footloose.
  • Want to teach your kids a skill this summer? All you need to scissors and paper. And lots of talent.
  • I haven't talked about Avatar for the longest time. While I absolutely loved the visuals ... this is what I thought of the storytelling.

  • Want to make a movie for Syfy? All you had to do was ask. And enter this competition.
  • I didn't feel sad for Keanu Reeves, until I saw this. 'Hey There Keanu' by Azured and SenorZorro2000 (Our "Cheer Up Keanu Day" tribute)

  • And since I will be seeing Josh Ritter at the Wonder Ballroom Friday night in Portland, Ore. I figured I would give you a little more from the music man. This is the last song that was played at my wedding. No, my wife's name it's Kathleen.

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