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TSR Blog - What Are Your Reactions to Toy Story 3?

Pixar’s Toy Story 3 is grabbing onto its audience tightly, and its viewers are refusing to let go. Not only does the thrilling film seem to be leaving critics (it’s currently at 99% percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and regular moviegoers mesmerized by its greatness, but the animated film is expertly tuning into the inner-youth of its “grown-up” viewers for its fantastic hour and a half experience. Complete Toy Story 3 coverage

With that being said, Toy Story 3 also seems to be playing into the emotional heart-strings of most of its viewers, spurring reactions that some of us may not have felt since UP. While that previous Pixar film seemed to have touched most (if not all) members of its audience with its wholly beautiful opening sequence, the conclusion of Toy Story 3 seems to be creating an effective emotional experience that’s cutting even deeper. As a colleague of mine reported to the world via Facebook, “Only Pixar could make a 23-year-old man weep through his RealD 3-D glasses.”

The Scorecard Review has decided to document the reactions of Toy Story 3 with a specific poll, in which we invite all who have seen the movie to participate. Feel free to take advantage of the internet’s wonderful anonymity by answering our emotion-specific poll, or by leaving any reaction you may have had to the movie in the comments section below. (Of course, for this posting, spoilers are fair game.)

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