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TOP 7 Villains You Love To Root For

We start the Top 7. You finish the Top 10.

It's a time honored tradition that movies have a good guy and a bad guy. At the heart of every movie is someone the audience can identify with or root for to succeed. The only problem is, what happens when that guy (or girl) that you want to see win is the bad guy?

I mean, we've all done it before. Sometimes it just seems like it's more fun to be bad.

Or at least that's the idea behind Dreamworks' Megamind. Will Ferrell plays your stereotypical villain of James Bond-like proportions. So, in honor of Megamind, this week's top 7 is villains that you love to root for. You know you shouldn't, but they're just so bad, it's good...

7. Dr. Evil (1997)

Recap: Dr. Evil is your average run of the mill cryogenically frozen mad scientist who awakens in the 90s to find a whole new world in Austin Powers. Oh wait, is that not a normal thing? Either way, Dr. Evil was brought to the screens in 1997 and made several returns and is expected to make yet another in 2013. Reason: How many people can say that the bad guy is played by the good guy? Mike Myers proved himself a man of many er... we'll call them talents. Not only did he bring Austin Powers to life, but he was so much more fun as the bumbling, fish out of water madmen bent on world domination Dr. Evil. Sure, Austin Powers has some great one-liners, but who could forget the pinky over the lip as he said "one MILLION dollars?"

6. Two-Face (1995)

Recap: We're talking the Batman Forever Two-Face, not the one from The Dark Knight. A man driven to the brink of his sanity after a nearly fatal run in with Batman, he became obsessed with the duality of good and evil, life and death and evidently, two clashing color schemes in one suit. Reason: For starters, he was arguably the best (and by best, I clearly mean campiest) part of Schumacher's first outing in the Batman franchise. Most people will agree that Batman Forever was a disaster of a movie, but Tommy Lee Jones as the dastardly evil-doer was just too good to ignore. Seriously, he seems like he was transported from the 1960s TV series. He made it to number 6 on the list, but I still haven't decided if that's a good thing.

5. Dark Helmet (1987)

Recap: Yet another spoof, Dark Helmet is the Darth Vader of the Spaceballs universe. The primary "villain" of the movie, he's too clumsy and affable to really hate. Still, his goal to destroy an entire planet might be considered evil. Reason: With all the gags at Dark Helmet's expense, it's hard to view him as a real threat. Then again, I think that's half of the joke in Mel Brooks' 1987 send up of the Star Wars franchise. Still, Rick Moranis burning his tongue on his coffee is one of those bits of comedic gold that was just too good to pass up.

4. Beetlejuice (1988)

Recap: Slum of the underworld, Beetlejuice is a fast-talking fella who'll do just about anything to get himself ahead. In the long run, he's not as bad as some of the others on this list, but tricking someone into marrying you is still a bit of a no no. Reason: Beetlejuice may have been the villain of the movie, but he steals the show. His antics throughout the movie secured Tim Burton as a household name, but even then, audiences weren't through with the titular character. In fact, when Beetlejuice was brought back in the 90s as a cartoon TV show, the former bad guy was turned good. Now how many villains on this list can say that?

3. Magneto (2000)

Recap: A staunch activist for mutant's rights in X-Men, magneto would do anything to insure the safety all mutant kind. Sometimes that meant bad things for the humans that got in the way. Reason: On one hand, Sir Ian McKellen is so great as the character, he's just fascinating to watch. On the other hand, director Bryan Singer made it clear that there was more to this villain than meets the eye. His past is a tragic one so it's hard to hate him too much, but even ignoring that, he's got the right idea, he just goes about it the wrong way. Plus, extra points for X-Men's thinly veiled social commentary and casting an out actor.

2. Syndrome (2004)

Recap: A young boy all grown up and ready for vengeance on The Incredibles for denying him is childhood dream. Sure, the whole vengeance angle is tired, but Syndrome did it with flair! Reason: How many evil villains out there have what it takes to try and take out their childhood heroes? As an avid comic book writer, I can tell you there's not a whole lot. Syndrome's fiendishly clever plan almost worked too. Still, it's pretty easy to see that inside, he's still that hurt little boy, seeking the approval of Mr. Incredible. It's almost sad, really. Then you think about all his awesome death traps and you can't help but respect the man, even if he is trying to kill the good guy.

1. Hans Gruber (1988)

Recap: Hans Gruber is a man with no scruples in every sense of the word in Die Hard. Posing under the guise of being an extremist terrorist, he's really just in it for the money. Reason: Do we want McClane to win? Sure, but it's hard to hate Gruber. Besides, half the hero is made up of who they face and Gruber is definitely a formidable foe. Seriously, how many movie villains have fan clubs? I'm not even kidding, Google it. How many get personal shout outs from Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock? Don Geiss, America, and Hope for those who are doubting me. No one's saying McClane's a bad hero, but Gruber makes the bad guy look so fun.

There’s the Top 7, now what should be in the Top 10?

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