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Nick Allen's Oscar Picks for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Like Jeff Bayer and his "Movie B.S" co-host Eric D. Snider, I have arranged my picks for tonight's Oscars in the form of a "confidence list," as devised by Bayer himself. As described by the man, the rules go like this: There are 24 nominees categories. In this list, my most confident pick will receive 24 points. My least confident will receive 1 point. This is much more exciting than your brother's printed-off Oscar ballot, and it's apparently, (according to Jeff) the way of the future. Give it a shot, but before you do - check out my predictions. If you want to win 300 points on your first "bowling" attempt, just copy and paste my guesses below. (And if you win, split your prize with me.)

24 – Best Animated Feature - Toy Story 3 23 – Best Adapted Screenplay - The Social Network 22 – Best Supporting Actor – Christian Bale, The Fighter 21 – Best Actress – Natalie Portman, Black Swan 20 – Best Achievement In Visual Effects - Inception 19 – Best Original Score - The Social Network 18 – Best Sound Mixing - Inception 17 – Best Sound Editing - Inception 16 – Best Actor - Colin Firth, The King's Speech 15 – Best Supporting Actress – Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit 14 – Best Original Screenplay – The King’s Speech 13 – Best Cinematography - Inception 12 – Best Editing - The Social Network 11 – Best Picture - The Social Network 10 - Best Achievement in Art Direction - Inception 09 – Best Original Song – “I See the Light,” from Tangled 08 – Best Director – David Fincher, The Social Network 07 – Best Foreign Language Film of the Year - In A Better World 06 – Best Costume Design - Alice in Wonderland 05 – Best Achievement in Makeup - The Wolfman 04 – Best Documentary, Features - Exit Through The Gift Shop 03 – Best Documentary, Short Subjects - Killing In the Name 02 – Best Short Film, Animated - Let's Pollute 01 – Best Short Film, Live-Action - Na Wewe

Possible points ... 300.

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