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'Jackass 3D' rating the complete list of stunts

Jackass 3D dominated the box office for its opening weekend making more than $50 million. Even though it looks like this could be the last (with the closing credits looking back at the previous years), it seems there could be room for more jackassery in the future. CLICK HERE for compete Jackass 3D coverage including reviews and interviews with the cast

But let's not talk about the future. We're here to attempt to list every single stupid stunt Jackass 3D has to offer. I probably need your help as I've only seen the film once. So please, if you notice a moment is missed or labeled wrong let me know.

Your other job ... simply copy the entire list, paste it into the "comments" and on a scale of 1-10, rate the stunts.

Jackass 3D stunt list (some of these were unnamed in the film)

Opening credits The High Five The Jet Ski Tee Ball The Bungee Boogie The Rocky Beehive Tetherball Jet Airplane Confusing Dog ???? Roller-skate Buffalo Toy Train Eruption Midgets in a Bar Fight Electric Avenue The Field Goal Super Might Glue Dildo Gun Buy a Scooter Pontius the Barbarian Sweat Suit Cocktail The Christmas Tree Pin the Tail on the Donkey Rocky 2 The Blind Side Bad Dog Helicocker Snake River Redemption Apple of my Ass Duck Hunting Really Bad Grandpa The Ram Jam Golf Ball Racquetball Lamborghini Tooth Pull Penis Peeing Camera Gorilla in the Hotel Room The Invisible Man Snake Trap Penis Baseball Poo Cocktail Supreme End Credits

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